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Equine Bodywork Services

First Session w/intake: $95
Single sessions after first one: $80
Spa Day: $95
Maintenance Package (3 sessions): $220


First Session

Full Body Session plus an intake that includes horse’s history and information needed before proceeding with work on your special partner. 2 hours including intake with owner/trainer.


Single Session

Full body session. Reduce soreness after work and/or improve comfort and mobility for the older horse. Improve suppleness so she is ready to go! 1.25 hours


Spa Day

For the owner who wants to give his or her horse a special day off. This session is longer. Allows more time to give that special attention and carrots and treats are given at the end. 2 hours


Maintenance Package

The Maintenance Package includes 3 sessions. Doing multiple sessions with at least a week interval between helps to uncover layers of tension that have accumulated over time. This package is helpful when it has been awhile since a horse has had bodywork or is in rehab and needs more attention during this time. It is also helpful when a horse is working regularly and needs support to maintain suppleness, improve range of motion, reduce soreness and increase general comfort. Each Session 1.25 hours


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