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Barbara Glass

Masterson Method Certified Practitioner

Barbara Glass has been performing The Masterson Method bodywork and massage on horses for the last six years.

Barbara initially became interested in this method when her own horse suffered a hind leg suspensory injury in 2011. The injury required surgery and a long rehab period. Masterson Method bodywork became a useful tool when she needed a calm, willing horse during procedures, to help with stall rest and when slowly bringing him back to work over a two-year period.
Barbara continues to be passionate about this work because she has seen the amazing positive effects on horses in different stages of work and life.

Barbara furthered her connection to The Masterson Method by becoming a coach and instructor. She coaches students going through the certification process and is available to instruct a weekend seminar locally for people who want to learn the method for themselves. If you are interested in learning more about getting a group together to take a first weekend seminar or finding a seminar that you can join to learn more, please ask Barbara about it.