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Equine Bodywork and Massage

Equine Bodywork and Massage

Equine Bodywork and Massage


Barbara Glass

Certified Practitioner, Coach and Instructor

Our desire is to provide for horses and their owners, through the use of Masterson Method Equine Integrated Bodywork & Massage.

The Masterson Method® bodywork and massage involves the use of light touch and following the horse’s signals to help release tension in key junctions of the body. This release of tension helps improve comfort, mobility and performance.

The horse is a prey animal and holds tension as part of their defense mechanism. They are ready to flee when necessary and as a result hold tension to do so. The unfortunate thing is that horses can get into patterns of holding tension in the body (just like we can) in a way that interferes with desired suppleness, full range of motion and comfort under saddle. Tension over time without releasing it or working fully through the range of motion can produce areas of restriction that impact the body and subsequently, healthy movement.

By releasing tension, we see improvement in several areas. Not only do we see improvement physically but also in willingness, attitude and connection between horse and rider. Not surprising!


How it Works


Single Session

Bring comfort to your working athlete or older horse needing some TLC. A single session helps reduce soreness and keeps things moving.


Spa Day

A longer session with carrots and treats at the end. Provided with the same care as the single session with more time to focus on specific areas and maybe even some horse yoga!


Maintenance Package

A package of 3 sessions for maintenance or rehabilitation needs. By working on the horse more regularly we can uncover layers of tension that may have accumulated over time.

The Masterson Method

Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork


It’s Not What We Do, It’s How We Do It

Benefits of Equine Massage

The horse is able to become a more resilient partner through the connection with the horse during Masterson Method process. Release of tension has a healing effect on the body and mind.  Bodywork and massage provides benefits that can be seen in improved mobility, comfort, attitude and performance.


Masterson Equine Therapy

The Masterson Method uses light touch and follows the horse’s signals to determine areas that need further attention. These signals are not only helpful in finding the area of treatment need but also, are helpful in demonstrating how effective the work has been once it has been completed. When performing MM, the techniques are done in a “mindful way” rather than simply one after another, as a means of getting the entire body completed. This focused attention and “presence” while doing the work adds to the positive effect of the actual techniques being performed.

Human-Horse Comparison

A human athlete uses her body in a sport and develops strength and agility through exertion and through a period of recovery.  A higher level of effectiveness is maintained during exertion by addressing needs in the interval of recovery i.e. muscle soreness, spasm, decreased range of motion recovery of minor injuries and need for increased flexibility.  This is often done during “down time” with slower, conscious movement i.e. yoga and stretching.  With the Masterson Method we are able to use techniques that allow the horse to let go in key junctions of the body.  This translates to meaningful changes in relaxation, movement, willingness to work and the ability to perform as asked.


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About Barbara Glass

Barbara Glass is a Certified Practitioner of the Masterson Method. The Masterson Method bodywork involves the use of light touch and follows the horse’s signals to help the horse release tension and achieve “letting go” in key junctions of the body. It is truly a collaborative effort between practitioner and horse. Read More